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Metabolism Crossword

Jon Babic

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ATP-PC the point at which blood lactic acid suddenly rises during incremental exercise
coricycle breakdown of glucose or glycogen
lypolysis where 1-4 units of an athletes blood are removed over a 3-8 week period and stored in a freezer then reinfused to the athlete 7-10 days prior to event to increase red blood cells
bioenergetics converting food stuff ex: fats, carbs, into energy
betaoxidation total of all chemical reactions that occur in the body
lacticacidshuttle this product can buffer the acid and reduce the acidity in the body
ATP how many minutes does it take to fully deliver O2 for aerobic activity
carb what metabolic system creates more atp's
two this portion of O2 debt occurs within 30 minutesof post exercise
metabolism regenerates lactic acid back to glucose when it goes through liver
fats breakdown of fatty acid
acidity elevated Vo2 for several minutes immediately following exercise
blooddoping this is stored in the myosin head
fast limitation of glycolysis if there are more H than NAD
slow this portion of O2 debt occurs within 3 minutes of post exercise
epoc where everything starts, we have about 6 seconds of stored atp
epo this is a kidney hormone, red blood cell levels can be adjusted by this
bakingsoda what is easier to breakdown, fats or carb
lactatethreshold breakdown of fats
glycolysis turns lactic acid into type I fibers

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