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Vocabulary Review

Ms. Breazeale

Use the statements below to fill in the cross word puzzle. An Example has been provided for you.

contracting a mineral used by the body and stored by bones
muscular system muscle that moves food through your body
tendons muscles that move bones
calcium the type of muscle that makes up the heart muscle
opaque an object that does not let light pass through it
shadow tissues that connect bone to bone
eclipse when a muscle pulls together and gets shorter
voluntary muscles muscles that you control
phases all of the muscles in your body
involuntary muscles cords of tissue that help muscles move bones
skull the bones in your head
skeletal muscles muscles that work without you thinking about them
skeletal system the moon's changing appearance
smooth muscle a dark area caused by a blockage of light
cardiac muscle all the bones in your body
ligaments when an object passes into the shadow of another object

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