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Muscles and Neurons


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dendrites part of neuron that receives messages from other neurons
vesicle makes muscles red
hyperpolarization a protein found in muscle
actin muscle shrinkage due to disue
hypertrophy serratus or tibialis
smooth caused by muscle damage
interneuron part of a neuron
cardiac when you run out of this, you hit the wall
sodium working the muscle more than it is used to
graded contains neurotransmitter
synapse typically about -70mV
myoglobin six-pack muscle "rectus_______"
lines an example of a neurotransmitter
abducts a motorneuron and all the muscle fibers it controls is a motor _____
myelin part of the central nervous system
restingmembranepotential region where the pre-synaptic and post-synaptic cells come together
tapering muscle growth
reps region that binds neurotransmitter on the postsynaptic cell
receptor part of the peripheral nervous system that controls skeletal muscle
efferent attaches muscle to bone
parasympathetic regions of muscle damage
glycogen commands sent from CNS to body
brain fight or flight division of the autonomic nervous system
atrophy type of muscle with intercalated muscle
axon binds troponin
biopsy what deltoid does to arm
acetylcholine made by schwann cell, increases speed of action potential
overload ion that is more concentrated outside the cell than inside the cell at rest
unit when the membrane potential gets more negative
anterior these signalling events occur in the dendrites and cell body and travel short distances
DOMS taking out a sample of tissue from the living body
microtears cells that repair damaged muscle
satellite automatic response to sensory stimuli
tendon all or nothing signal conducted down the axon
actionpotential slows down the heart rate
sympathetic The boundaries of a sarcomere Z-______
somatic type of muscle with one nucleus per cell and no striations
calcium reduction of training intensity prior to a competition
abdominus number of times you lift per set
reflex type of neuron found in the central nervous system

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