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Muscular System cpt 8


terms used in muscular system terminology

fascial record of the electrical characteristics of a muscle
dyskinesia impaired movement
myositis instrument used to measure movement
myalgia inflammation of a muscle
hyperkinesia enlargementof an organ(due to an increase in the size of cells)
myasthenia muscle that moves a part away from the midline
dystonia inflamation of may muscles
tendinitis malignant tumor of striated muscle
electromyogram pertaining to a tendon
myopathy a record of the electric currents in a muscle
rhabdomyosarcoma pertaining to the fascia (a bnad of tissue surrounding a muscle)
fasiorrhaphy abnormal muscle tone or tension
tenodesis muscle that moves a part toward the midline
atrophy wasting away of the muscle
hypertrophy any muscle disease
electromyogram inflammation of a tendon
polymyositis muscle weakness
kinesimeter muscle pain
leiomyoma suturing of fascia
abductor abnormal development
tendinous surgical fixation of tendon
bradykinesia benign tumor of striated muscle
diathermy heat applied to deep tissue
dystrophy excessive movement
adductor slow movement

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