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The nervous system

Mrs. Rabusin

Chapter 24 The body's contro system

optic nerve black part of the eye where light rays are focused
synapse tiny tissue in the ear that vibrates when sound waves strike it
cochlea controls the amount of light
adolescence teenage years
cerebullum message that travels along nerve cells
neuron nerve cell
cerebrum the organ in the ear that sends impulses to the auditory nerve
cornea bundle of nerves that carry impulses from the eye to brain
Iris controls thought, memory, speech
impulse clear layer of the eye
retina Time information: Wed Mar 23 09:30:47 2005 Start Wed Mar 23 09:30:47 2005 Finish bundle of the nerves that carry impulses from the ear to the brain
eardrum black circle in the eye
pupil tiny gap between neurons
auditory nerve control balance

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