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M. Cleary, MSN, CPNP

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chalazion receptors which allow color vision
somatic dont do this action when giving meds to your Parkinson's patient
TIA part of tunic which gives eye color
autonomic type of duiretic for ICP after head injury
glucose substance released into the synapse which carries impulses between nerves
rush treatment of urinary tract spasm
cantil substance which is higher in CSF than other body fluids
lumbarpuncture a symptom of Parkinsons disease
osmotic position of bed for client with hemorrhagic stroke
miosis intracranial pressure
tremors abnormal articulation. not aphasia
dysarthria skull fracture of concern due to proximity to sinus bones and adhesion of dura mater to the area
flexion Brief neuro disfunction, temp impaired blood flow to brain sec-hrs
dopamine the tunic which coats the outer eyeball, posteriorly of the sclera?
cones this is not a branch of the autonomic nervous system
aphasia ability to receive and process stimuli through sensory organs
vascular suctioning type for client with ICP which is prohibited
dilantin posturing flexion of arms, adduction UE's, extension LE's
EMG system which prepares body for fight or flight
language test for encephalitis or meningitis
carbidopa drug of choice for status epilepticus
corticosteroid primary method to control seizures
zero neurotransmitter in sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
brainbiopsy cyst of meibomian gland
safety this anticonvulsant has a side effect of gum hyperplasia
EEG deficit symptom of those with left sided stroke
betatwo check this when assessing your patients neurological status
supine sympathetic and parasympathetic
sympathetic structure of the inner ear
pharmacological definitive diagnostic test which confirms Alzheimer's
LOC ensure this during status epilepticus
neurotransmitter the lowest possible score on glasgow coma scale
carbamezapine Check this often when on Valproic Acid
petitmal a receptor which is stimulated and can relieve asthma
elevated position for client with hemorrhagic stroke
cognition a component of cognition
basilar contraction of the pupil
LFT evaluates motor units by electrode into muscle
norepinephrine this chemical is used by the autonomic nervous system
retina type of primary generalized szs characterized with blank stares
hearing a pharmacological treatment of ICP
vestibule drug often used in conjunction with levodopa
acetylcholine treats trigeminal neuralgia and is an anticonvulsant
diazepam this is decreased in Parkinsons disease
ICP test to confirm or classify seizures
nasal a function of the inner ear

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