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Nuclear Medicine

William Brooks

Principle of Nuclear Medicine I (RADS 3501 cont)

Choletec duodenum, jujenum, ileum make up this organ
COPD (max GB cts - BKG) - (Min GB cts-BKG)/ (Max GB cts-BKG ) X 100
supine radiopharmaceutical to image gallbladder
eight method of localization for perfusion lung study
alveoli the amount of positioning views to image the lungs
disofenin radiopharmaceutical used for ventilation scanning
mebrofenin synonymous with mebrofenin
HIDA acronym for hepatobiliary imaging
morphine partial cystic duct obstruction
twenty the site of gas exchange in the lungs
pulmonaryembolus drug that causes the sphincter of Oddi to contract
smallintestines always administer MAA in this position
chroniccholecystitis air that is inhaled or exhaled during normal breathing
kinevac agent used to image gallbladder
xenon133 complete blockage of the cystic duct
tidalvolume causes the gallbladder to contract
GBEF acronym of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
acutecholecystitis this organ has two lobes because of the heart
leftlung a normal perfusion scan eliminates this diagnosis
capillaryblockade the amount of millicuries administered using Tc DTPA aerosol

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