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Nuclear Medicine II

William Brooks

Priciples of Nuclear Medicine II (RADS 3502)

Captopril functional unit of the kidney
function radiopharmacuetical used to measure renal tubular function
adrenal medulla regulation of the volume and compsition of plasma and extracellular fluid
ectopic localizes in the thyroid by active transport
salivary glands parotid, sublingual, and submaxillary
I123 A.K.A. Succimer
pheochromocytoma consist of kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra
GFR thyroid id functioning excessively
Sestamibi benign tumor that produces hypertension
isthmus does not affect thyroid uptake
ERPF tis organ is located around the thyroid; also regulates calcuim ion concentration in interstitial fluid
beta blocker autoimmune disease in which immunoglobulins increase the function
TcDMSA radiopharmacuetical used to measure renal tubular function
exocrine regulation of blood pressure, RBC formation, and calcium homeostasis
hypothyroid Ace inhibitor (20-25 mg)
MAG3 pathological condition that causes a decrease the kidney's perfusion pressure (renal aretery stenosis)
Urinary System A.K.A cardiolite; radiopharmacuetical used to image the parathyroid
VUR 1/2 life of 8 days
flat field defines the function of organs
DTPA stands for effective renal plasma flow
hyperthyroid collimator attached to the thyroid uptake probe
endocrine 99Tc-DTPA,MAG3, and 131OIH measure this
131OIH acronym for vesicoureteral reflux
nephron this ACE inhibitor dose rate is 40mg
Graves's Disease shapes of organs
physiology below normal functioning thyroid
lasix converts angiotensinogen to angiotensin I.
TSH organ divided into cortex, hilum, and medulla
enalaprilat acronym for glomerular filtration
lacrimal part in the center of the butterfly shaped thyroid
I131 thyroid secreting hormone
free pertechnetate also known as furosimide and is a diuretic
ACE located suprarenal
kidney blocks conversion of of angiotensin I to angiotensin II
RAS 1/2 life of thirteen hours
adrenal gland pertaining to tears
parathyroid this part of the adrenal gland produces epinephrine and norepinephrine
morphology out of the normal orientation
renin radiopharmacuetical that determines glomerular function

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