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William Brooks

Principles and Practice of Nuclear Medicine: Sodee

USP accelerator-produced radionuclide; bounds to blood protein
Mertiatide pertechnetate localizes in the thyroid by this method
in vivo method of analyzing, recording, and measuring radiation
IND sits retroperitoneum
New Drug Application murine origin
CSF prepared from stannous reduced Tc99m and betiatide
MAA used to image the lungs
impurity by mouth
skeletal system occurs outside the body (e.g. RBC labeling)
Thallium has set a limit of 10ug Al 3
TLC NaTcO4 and reduced technetium
Sulfur Colloid half life of 73.1 hours
thyroid group physical data for penetrating and nonpenetrating radiation
Dosimetry isonitrile compound
MIRD lung agent used during ventilation
oral choroid plexus is found here
Xe133 lidofenin, disofenin, disofenin are used in what
ion trapping requires boiling
radionuclidic purity quantifies different radiochemical states
monoclonal final approval procedure required by the FDA
HIDA SCAN uses iodine
Sestamibi assess drug's safety before use
brain choroid plexus produces
Gallium MDP,HDP are used to image this
in vitro occurs inside the body (e.g. RBC tagging)
kidney 0.15 uCi of Mo99/ 1mCi Tc99m

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