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Biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation: Chapter 9

William Brooks

Principles and Practice of Nuclear Medicine:Sodee

small intestines highly radiosensitive; undergoes mitosis frequently
reproductive system has been shown to be a direct correlation of irradiation
chromosomes Highly radioresistant to radiation; impulses are made
High LET highly radiosensitive to radiation
Somatic Effects committee on biological effects
Prodromal "early" effects and "later" effects
Skin effects 2n cells
hematopoietic system decays to a free radical species
indirect effect compartment of DNA information and is subcellular
BEIR radiation doses divided over a period of time
CNS highly radiosensitive and appears after the stomach
undifferentiated cells involves high LET radiation
direct effect highy radiosensitive to radiation and involves the gonads
early aging alpha is an example; low penetrating capabilities, but has high Specific Ionization
fractionation moderately radiosensitive; Integumentary

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