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Considerations Of Counting And Imaging

William Brooks

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extrinsic fused to magnify and increse resolution of a small organ
accuracy influenced by atomic number and thickness of backing material
background system cannot record another event
paralyzable device used to eliminate all unwanted gamma rays except those of interest
parallel-hole tested annualy
linearity sunject is positioned as close as possible to the face of the collimator
nonparalyzable minimum detectable activity
scatter tested daily (uses Ce137)
collimation radiation produced by naturally occurring sources
flat-field disintegrations of a radioactive atom
constancy allows for recording of events after recovery
absorption most widely used type of multihole collimator
resolving time used to include entire organ of interest
converging source, media between source and detector, and the detector influences this
Chi square information is loss as a result
random event evaluates detector reliability from a statistical perspective
coincindence loss sufficient numbers of gas atoms have recombined
MDA is tested quarterly

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