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Gastrointestinal System Chapter 20

William Brooks

Principles and Practices of Nuclear Medicine

Stomach pharmaceutical labeled with Tc99m for cholescintigraphy
Bile used primarily in active bleeds
Disofenin liver is divided into how many lobes
Cholecystokinin viral or alcohol induced
Liver collecting tube that drains into the superior vena cava
Two number of hours NPO before exam
Cirrhosis largest organ in the body
Sulfur Colloid cells of the liver responsible for phagocytosis
Cholelithiasis complete blockage of the cystic duct
Hemangiomas blood-born abscesses
Opiod Drugs formation of gall stones
Acute Cholecystitis liver makes
Tc Sulfur Colloid primary radiopharmacuetical used to image the liver
Kupffer Cells view best seen of the liver
Meckels organ used for mixing and churning of food
Choletec morphine,meperidine are thses kind of drugs
Chronic Hepatitis hardening of the liver
Four endogenous and exogenous hormone used to contract the gallbladder
LeVeen Shunt type of diverticulum seen in infants
Mebrofinin synonomous with mebrofinin
Anterior pharmaceutical labeled with Tc99m for cholescintigraphy
Idofenin pharmaceutical labeled with Tc99m for cholescintigraphy

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