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B. Thompson

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neonatal shunts blood away from the liver
embryo hormone responsible for uterine growth
myometrium usual site of fertilization
gravida gravida,term,preterm,abortion,living
thirty six most favorable female pelvis
fallopian tube girl fetus
fetal number of births over 20 weeks
GTPAL hormone detected in pregnancy test
ovum egg
smegma week 2 to week 8
HCG number of times pregnant
XX post partum period
estrogen birth to 28 days of life
Montgomery tubercles conception to end of first week
maternal solid mass of cells developed from fertilized ovum
whartons jelly site of episiotomy
AVA typical male pelvis
morula womb
para substance that prevents kinking of umbilical cord
android side of placenta that is beefy red
gynecoid artery-vein-artery
zygote secretes lubrication for nipples in breastfeeding woman
perineum number of weeks termed
twenty cheese-like substance secreted by the clitoris
uterus middle muscular layer of uterus
puerperium surge of surfactant produced for fetus at this many weeks
ductus venous side of placenta that is shiny and smooth

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