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Oral Anatomy

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cementum Calcified tissue covering the tooth's crown
incisors Largest category of tooth, used to chew and grind food before swallowing
primary Chewing surface of molars and bicuspids
molar Tooth numbering system using the numbers 1 - 32
mental Dental term for gums
caries Calcified tissue covering the root of the gooth
Gingiva Anterior extension of the ramus- goes under the cheekbone
permanent Large salivary gland found by the cheek
enamel World wide tooth identification system
mucosa Soft substance that produces acid that will damage the tooth surface
plaque Referes to when someone grinds their teeth
foramen Teeth used to cut or bite into food
buccal Soft connective tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels - living part of the tooth
dentin Term referring to the cheek
pulp Term referring to when someone has a 'dry mouth'
stippled Soft, delicate tissue found on the inner lips and cheeks
universal Term referring to dental cavities
frenum Short form for the temporomandibular joint
xerostomia Hardened plaque
occlusal Band of connective tissue
mandible Posterior portion of the ramus that articulates with the maxillae - means 'knob'
maxillary Tooth surface toward the midline (middle of the mouth)
calculus A hole or opening in bone
gingivitis Term referring to the 20 childrens teeth (dentition)
TMJ Bony area found on the maxillae behind the last molar
FDI Term referring to the chin
cuspid Vertical extension of the mandible - means branch
parotid Term that refers to the normal appearance of gums
ramus Term referring to inflammation of the gums
bruxism Tissue under the enamel - makes up most of the tooth mass
tuberosity Adjective referring to the upper arch
coronoid Tooth surface away from the midone (away from the middle)
bicuspid Term referring to the 32 adult teeth (dentition)
distal Noun referring to the lower arch
condyle Pointed tooth used to tear and shred food - has one cusp or bump
mesial Used to chew food, found behind the cuspid - has 2 cusps or bumps

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