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Orthopaedic Terms

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reduction Keeps fractures in proper alignment
cane Shoulder capsule
orthopaedicsurgeryspecialists Large bone in upper leg
fingers Coccyx
tailbone Birth defect ( 2 words)
osteoarthritis Walking aid
laceration Patella
sling Bone in upper arm
calcaneous A type of wrist fracture
humerus Meniscus
lumbar Images of bones
colles Phalanges
fixation A sudden twist of a joint
backpain Smaller bone in lower leg
sprain Curvature of the spine
orthopedist Cerebral Palsy (abbr.)
rotatorcuff Meets your orthopaedic needs
nailbed Holds broken arm
achilles Heel
scoliosis Cut
cp Lateral epicondylitis
metatarsals Common hand condition
tendon Anterior cruciate ligament (abbr.)
bruise Replacement of a joint
carpaltunnelsyndrome Lumbago
kneecap Tendon in the back of ankle
cartilage Bones in the foot
acl Broken bone
joint Bone doctor
xrays Cast material
fibula Stabilization of a fracture
tenniselbow Proper alignment of a fracture
fiberglass Contusion
spinabifida Tissue that connects bones
cast The meeting of two bones
iliaccrest Base of the nail
arthroplasty Tissue that helps contract bones
femur Part of the spine
muscle Degenerative joint disease
fracture Part of the pelvis

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