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Preventative Health and Screening

Sean Valentine

How well do you think you know your Health Maintenance Guidelines? This crossword puzzle will further ingrain the presented material from today's lecture and allow your understanding of Health Screening to be put to the test! Good luck!

thirty-five The pneumococcal vaccine should be administerd how often in patients over 65 or who have COPD?
PSA True or False? Smoking is a risk factor for Cervical Caner?
fiveyears The latest age a woman should wait to have a PAP smear regardless of sexual activity?
fortyfive What age should African Americans be screened for Prostate Cancer?
hpv Sarah's mother had Breast Cancer at 52. What age should she be screened?
AAA This viruses subtypes 16 and 18 are a leading contributer to the devlopment of Cervical Cancer?
seventy PSA >4 ng/dl is 100% sensitive in indicating Prostate Cancer? True of False
mammography At what age should a women with >3 normal PAPs in the lasts 10 yrs may stop cervical CA screening?
peripheral Jake is 65 and smoked for ten years. What does he need to be screened for a minimum of one time?
October Which cancer is the leading cause of death between men and women?
yearly This ethnicity is at higher risk for developing Colon Cancer, and needs to be screened starting at 45?
thirtyfive Infulenza should be administerd starting in what month?
lung This test is more sensitive at screening for Prostate Cancer?
fobt This test indicates blood anywhere in the G.I. tract and warrants further evaluation with endoscopy?
true Men should be screened no later than __________ for cholesterol given they do not posess CAD risk factors?
africanamericans How often should a woman receive a mammogram starting at age 40?
false Which zone of the prostate is most likely to have cancer cells?
tenyears Single best method to screen for Breast Cancer.
twentyone A Colonoscopy should be done every _________ if the patient has no risk factors?

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