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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Mercy Hospital Iowa City

No description

Energy Name of a rescue inhaler
Vaccination Main airway
Alveoli Blood vessels surrounding the Alveoli
COPD Product to clean hands
ALA Tiny hairs that line the airways
Saturation Gas your body needs to live
Albuterol Worsned symptoms, illness getting out of controll
Sanitizer Having to do with lungs
Bronchospasm Acronym for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Capillaries Medical name for Shortness of Breath
Asthma Disease in which the airways are sensitive
Lungs airways spasm
Pulmonary Secretions in the airways
Cila Air sacs
Mucus Conserve your_______
Trachea Device to give inhaled medication
Dyspnea Shot to help prevent illness
Oxygen Two organs that help you breathe
Exacerbation Percent of oxygen saturated in the blood
Inhaler Acronym for American Lung Association

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