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The spine, spinal cord, and respiration

Mr. D

No description

five a waste product from the breakdown of food
thoracic vertebrae number of nerves we have
rib cage these are caused by the diaphragm contracting
atlas vertebrae the number of lumbar vertebrae we have
brain stem brings in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide gas
spinal cord these ribs don't attach in front to anything
floating ribs seven pairs of ribs attach to this
respiratory system supports your body and protects the spinal cord
hiccups part of brain that controls the involuntary muscles
sternum twelve pairs of ribs are attached to these
diaphragm a thick sheet of muscle that help make the lungs work
thirty-one allows you to move your head
carbon dioxide little balloon-like sacs in the lungs
spine links your brain to the rest of your body
alveoli the network of nerve cells formed by the brain and spinal cord
central nervous system protects the lungs, heart, liver, and stomach

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