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Functional Retina

James Kundart, O.D., M.Ed., F.A.A.O.

Includes information from lecture #3 in Opt 662, Spring 2006

Efferent 4-6 million of these in a single layer in the retina
Melanin Waterproof seal, part of the blood-brain barrier
Ribosomes Nobel prize winners who discovered receptive fields
MullerCells Active transport energy producers for receptor cells in RPE
Cyanopsia Type of photoreceptor for which the Stiles-Crawford Effect works
Rmembrane Type of vision caused by old medications for high blood pressure
Microvilli How the photoreceptors anchor themselves to the RPE
Lipofuscin Name for the electrical resistance seal made by the RPE cells
Xanthalopsia Aging pigment that contributes to drusen in AMD
RPEcells Type of vision caused by old antibiotics and moldy rye grain
PigmentEpithelium Pigment that does not vary by race in the human RPE
HubelandWiesel Connect the inner and outer limiting membranes
TightJunctions Type of neurons that connect the cortex to visual association areas
Erythopsia Source of nutrition for the photoreceptors
Mitochondria Protein producers for receptor cells in RPE
Cones Type of vision caused by crystal methamphetamine

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