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darsal anatomical name for shoulder blade.
ulna archway located at wrist.
cartilaginous is a device that holds an injury in place.
epithelial tissue these kinds of joints move very little.
splint anatomical name for the shoulder joint.
grade three narrowing of the blood vessels.
artery this is a slight-temp increase, which involves a reaction against tissue damage.
glenohumeral joint cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, coccyx make up what.
football what is known as the "jumpers knee"
toe and foot muscle has two heads.
retrograde this type of concussion, the player looses consciousness and the sthlete has to be taken out of the game or practise immediatly and cannot return under any circumstances
axial you do not remember anything before the contact, this called.
heat stroke muscle tissue is divided into how many types.
vertebral column extensor hallucius longus extends what.
three when the body can no longer regulate it's won temperature.
hamstring how many bones in the body.
vasoconstriction this lines the surface of many body cavities.
gastrocnemius top of foot is called.
vapocoolant spray a type of altitude sickness.
femur bicep femoris, semimembranosus, semitendinousus are from what grouping.
sartorius which skeleton includes the head, neck, and invertabrae.
grade one largest bone in the body.
pulmonary edema thinning of the bones, that result from the slow, progressive loss of bones that begins for most people around the age of 35, and is caused by a lack of calcium early in life?
osteoporosis arm bone above your pinky.
gliding joint this can be treated by gradually heating up a body part.
patella tendonins what sport has the highest occurance of brain trama.
hunting response spurts bright red blood.
scapula helps relax and soothe, involves rapid movement that produces a quivering or trembling affect.
carpal tunnel flouri-methane, non-toxic substance spray; reduces spasm and increases ROM. What is it?
two hundred six this type of concussion you do not loose consciousness, and has to be examined immediatly and after at 5 min intervals
hypothermia this joint is in the foot between the tarsals and hand between the carpals.
vibration massage longest muscle in the leg

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