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shampoo In males, untreated STI's can sometimes cause __________ - the inability to conceive a child.
oral Condoms are made from this thin type of rubber.
abstinence The consequences of not treating this STI include damage to internal organs, paralysis, blindness, and death.
genital warts The only method of preventing the spread of an STI that is 100% effective.
vaginal discharge The key element of a healthy sexual relationship between partners.
inflammation Another word for a burning sensation - a common symptom of many STI's.
vaginitis Another word for an open sore, this is a symptom of Syphilis.
chancre Genital warts can cause cervical __________ in women.
casual oral STI's are usually transmitted through vaginal, anal, and _____ sex.
swab A common inflammation of the vagina experienced by most women at least once in their lives.
antibiotics In general, STI's are caused by either a virus or a __________.
sexual intercourse Untreated, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can cause this disease in women.
herpes A symptom of this STI is the appearance of cauliflower-like shapes on the genitals and anus.
pelvic inflammatory A change in the colour and texture of this fluid can indicate the presence of an STI in females
gonorrhea This STI is treatable, but incurable. Once you have it, you have it for life.
monogamous Most STI's can be treated with this type of medication that you swallow.
infertility Penile discharge and burning during urination are two of the male symptoms of this STI.
cancer The most common method of transmitting an STI.
communication Most STI's are not normally transmitted through this type of contact (i.e. kissing/touching).
bacteria Itching and nits in the hair are symptoms of this STI.
pubic lice To test for many STI's, a doctor will take a penile or vaginal __________ to test for bacteria.
chlamydia The word for a long-term, committed relationship between two people.
latex Crabs can be treated with a special type of this everyday bathroom necessity.
syphilis This STI can be passed from mother to child during the birth process.

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