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Catia Alves

The words hiden in this crossword represent strategies to achieve an healthy lifestyle, based on the 5 related components: Diet, Physical Activity, Stress, Smoking and Alcohol. Try to find as many as possible in 20 minutes.

Patches The base of a balanced and healthy diet
Detoxification Number of weeks that an exercise programme should contain in order to successfuly decrease the risk of HBP, cholesterol and above normal BMI
Steamed Ancient chinese therapy highly successful in helping to stop smoking
Twelve Identified with the letter E and used to increase atractiveness of some foods, represent chemicals that can have a variety of side effects
Outofbreath The level of Glycaemic Index (GI) that chosen carbs should have
Cycling Recreational activity that can contribute to your 30 minutes/day
Imagery Process through which alcohol is removed from the body
Low Healthier way to cook food, mainly vegetables and fish
Acupuncture Nutient that should represent 30% of the diet and that the majority of people tend to ingest in higher proportion
Variety Swop it by the stairs
Meditation Stress management technique consisting in focus, breathing and heart rate control and oxygen consumption
Walking Support institution for people with alcohol-related problems
Lift Technique that helps control and keep track of the amount of calories and nutrients ingested
Breakfast Product that helps with nicotine withdrawal by slowly releasing it into the bloodstream through the skin
Additives Paper-based Stress management strategy consisting in organizing time according to goals and priorities
Actionplan Stress management technique consisting in imagining a pleasant and confortable world where one can relax for a few moments
AlcoholicsAnonymous For small journeys, try to do it instead of taking a car
Fat Not only gives you a lot of energy but also allows you the entire day to burn off the calories
Foodlabelling Indicative expression of the reccomended intensity of exercise

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