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Stroke Center Crossword

Name: ______________ Unit:_____________

Reference: Nursing Stroke Course Book. Check your answers against the key. Turn in to your nurse manager for credit.

Subarachnoidhemorrhage Salvagable brain tissue that surrounds the area of acute stroke
Depression Tissue that facilitates cerebral autoregulation
Two There is a significant increase in stroke risk following this serious cardiac even
CTScan The class of stroke associated with a burst blood vessel
Diabetes Call this department if you need help in caring for patients with stroke
Cerebralperfusionpressure Best type of scan to visualize strokes and tumors
Brainstem A stroke risk factor associated with high blood sugar
Cocaine "The worst headache of my life..."
Ischemic Class of medication used to lower cholesterol
Anticoagulants Difficulty with word expression
Left The number of hours in the "TPA Window"- (time of symptom onset to drug administration)
Pusher Ominous sign of cerebral edema seen on CT
Platelets Diet order until swallow screen is passed
Statins The treatment indicated for Afib related strokes
Bedsideswallow Stroke is the number ______ killer in the US
Atrialfibrillation Blood pressure is kept on the higher side after an acute ischemic stroke to maintain this
Apraxia Medications to be avoided in hemorrhagic stroke
Hemorrhagic Syndrome in which stroke patients may push away from the affected (weaker) side
bloodbrainbarrier This process that normally maintains brain equilibrium can be impaired in a stroke
MRI The only FDA approved treatement for Acute Ischemic Stroke
Aspirin Common cause of embolic strokes
Three Fastest scan to screen for hemorrhagic stroke
Three Brain hemisphere that controls the left side of the body
Apraxia Illicit drug implicated in intracerebral hemorrhage
Smoking Test to be ordered if nursing swallow screen is failed
Cerebralautoregulation Advise patients to quite this in order to reduce stroke risk
Lacunar Difficulty with puposeful movement
Strokecenter The part of the brain that controls vital body functions such as respiration
Right Psycosocial complication of stroke
Midlineshift Small stroke syndrome caused by high blood pressure
Anticoagulants The type of blood cells that aggregate to form a clot
NPO The class of stroke associated with a blocked blood vessel
Myocardialinfarction Brain hemisphere that controls the right side of the body
TPA Inexpensive antiplatlet agent commonly used in ischemic strokes
Penumbra Call MD if the NNAS score increases by this number
APHASIA Loss of proprioception

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