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Nine months Duration of initial phase of treatment
Four Analyze disease status
Rifampicin At least _____ drugs are used with multi Drug-Resistant
Eighteen Additional meds added to antibiotics for treatment of
HIV Drug used with isoniazid resistance
Liver toxicity Type of therapy initiated for chemophophylaxis of
Night sweats Granuloma with cheese-like appearance and necrotic center
Proliferative 900mg twice weekly
Gatifloxacin Coughing up blood
Geographic Location Goal of therapy
Male Gender Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
Four months Treatment period for patients with HIV infection
Ofloxacin Area of lung commonly infected upon reactivation of TB
Race Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
Rifampin Skin test using purified tuberculin protein derivative
Two months Duration of chemoprophylaxis with isoniazid resistance
Chest Xray Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
Alveoli Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
Six months Risk factor for TB infection
Ethambutol Time to develop antibodies to TB and allow a more effective
Hemoptysis Positive test in tissue or fluid specimen (three times)
Moxifloxacin First line oral antituberculosis agent
Macrophage TB is transmitter from person to person as _______
Latent Granuloma which is stable and effectively limits the
AFB Given to reduce incidence of side effects of isoniazid
Amikacin First line oral antituberculosis agent
Monotherapy Injectable antituberculosis agent
INH First line oral antituberculosis agent
Three weeks Site of deposit of tuberculosis bacilli upon initial infection
Mantoux TB that isn't destroyed multiply in the ____ and are released
Pyrazinamide First line oral antituberculosis agent
Isoniazid Risk factor for TB infection
Isolation Constitutional symptom of TB
Pyridoxine Constitutional symptom of TB
Levofloxacin Asymptomatic infection
Streptomycin Secondary or Disseminated tuberculosis
Nine months Resurgence in the late 80's was due to ___
Cipro Rupture of caseous liquefaction material containing mycobac
Droplet nuclei 100 fold greater risk factor for developing active TB disease
Steroids Number of months to continue treatment w/ multi drug-resistance
Caseating Nonpharmacologic means to identify where the
Contact investigation Nonpharmacologic therapy used to prevent spread of the disease
Apical Risk factor for TB infection
DOT Therapy Tuberculosis is caused by ______
Miliary Can be discontinued once susceptibilities are available if
Cure Nonpharmacolgical therapy used to support the
HIV Best drug to use for mycobacteria within caseating
Reactivation Disease Injectable antituberculosis agent
Malaise Duration of treatment for chemoprophylaxis of HIV patients
Isoniazid Duration of treatment with only three drugs
Ethambutol Can be substituted for rifampin in HIV patients
Pyrazinamide Monitorin for chemoprophylaxis
Nine months Preferred agent for chemoprophylaxis
Rifabutin Fluoroquinolone used in group 3 treatment
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Shortest duration of treatment for chemoprophylaxis
Nutritional support Isoniazid (abbr)

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