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Teen Health

ka Leng wong , Mazie, and Gardenia

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Methanol ______ is an irritating, acidic gas that is used in laboratory disinfectants and preservatives.
Nonsmokers _____ tobacco may seem safe.
Cyanide _____ smoking causes bad breath.
Bladder _____ speeds the heartbeat, raises blood pressure, increases the craving for tobacco, and causes dizziness and upset stomach.
Smokers Tar and other _____ leave a sticky residue, which destroys the cilia in the bronchi.
Tobacco _____ a poisonous liquid alcohol is known to cause blindness.
Formaldehyde Smoking is one possible cause of _____ ulcers.
Nicotine _____ is a deadly poison
Chewing _____ presents the body form getting all the oxygen it needs.
Carbon monoxide the _____ in tobacco are powerful.
Stomach _____ are also used for smoking tobacco.
Chemicals Pipes and cigars are filled with _____ tobacco leaves.
Heart _____ forms a sticky coating on the bronchial tubes and in the lungs.
Shredded Smokers are at increased risk of _____ diseases and a stroke.
Pipes _____ lung, chemicals in tobacco smoke coat the bronchi and alveoli in the lungs.
Brain Circulatory: The ______ system is smoking weakens the blood vessels.
drugs One of two forms of tobacco that are placed in the mouth _____.
Circulatory Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen to the _____, which could lead to a stroke.
Tar Smoking increases the risk of _____ cancer by up to ten times
Smokeless _____ lung is clear and healthy looking.

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