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Medical Terminology Prefixes


medical terminology

infra pertaining to two sides
incision produced from the outside
bradypnea around
hyper pertaining to one side
syn inflammation around the nerve
polyadenoma process of drawing away from
anatomy beyond; change
contra against
macro process of cutting out
hemi process of cutting
bad mal-; dys-
prenatal fast
post circum-; peri-
prodrome pertaining to between the cells
tri new
below lack of red blood cells
tachy after
incision large
abduction behind
indigestible excessive; above
malaise together; joined; with
before study of structure
percutaneous hyper-; epi-; supra-
excision slow breathing
perineuritis tumor of many glands
trans not digestible
tachycardia below; beneath
above three
retro through the skin
circum anti-; contra-
against fast heartbeat
neo half
meta process of cutting into
around before birth; referring to the fetus
dysplasia upon;on; above
unilateral a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort
anemia sub-; infra- ; hypo-
bilateral a symptom occuring before the onset of disease
intercellular abnormal development
ectogenous process of cuttng across
transection pre-; pro-; ante-
epi across

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