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Root words, medical terminology


basic medical terminology root words

thyroid gland nerve
lymph vessels vulv/o
ovary thorac/o
skull life
blephar joint
nephr heart
nail blood
ophthalm crani/o
bronchi head
small intestine vessel
abdomin ovari/o; oophor/o
colon cephal/o
ductus deferens gloss/o; lingu/o
rect axill/o
head bladder
chest pneum/o; pneumon/o; pulmon/o
cili ven/o; phleb/o
cyst ear
arteri artery
tendon nose
viscer chondr/o
trache rectum
cephal tonsil
cardi bonemarrow; spinal cord
eye trachea; windpipe
armpit liver
myel thyroid/o
arthr eye
gastr kidney
angi ophthalm/o; ocul/o
hepat eyelid
ot internal organ
external genitalia enter/o
path orchid/o; test/o
cartilage hair
vein spleen
oste bone
tongue lymphangi/o
hemat cell
lung disease
rhin bronchus
splen col/o
encephal tend/o; tendin/o
testicle brain
steat stomach
bi vas/o
neur onych/o; ungu/o
cyt abdomen
tonsill fat

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