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Thromboembolic Disease

Molly Morris

No description

Alcohol Factor Xa inhibitors such as this med are beneficial due to their absence of HIT cross-reactivity
Anaphalaxis Drug of choice during pregnancy for VTE prophylaxis
thrombus One of the biggest contraindications to anticoagulation
hepatically Routine monitoring parameters for LMWH
unnecessary This med is ineffective in TED because it elicits its action on the arterial system, not the venous system
Heparin How argatroban, a non "hirudin" thrombin inhibitor, is adjusted
Ambulation Vitamin K antagonist
thrombocytopenia Drug therapy with this hormone increases the risk of Thromboembolic disease
aPTT LMWH has better bioavailability in this route than UFH
hemoptysis Agent used to reverse heparin in case of major bleeding
estrogen A detached thrombus
Protamine A classic symptom of DVT, pain behind the knee with dorsiflexion of the foot, is referred to as ___ sign
renally A key factor to a sustained therapeutic INR is minimizing the intake of this
embolus A clot in the cardiovascular system
Aspirin Potential side effect of heparin
subcutaneous A non-pharmacological intervention for VTE prophylaxis
Warfarin If Vitamin K admin is necessary, PO route is preferred over IV route because it lacks the risk of this
Bleeding Preferred method of heparin administration
Homans How the "hirudin" type thrombin inhibitors are adjusted
Fondaparinux Lab used for heparin monitoring
Infusion A classic sign of PE (latin term)

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