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Upper Limb Anatomy

Gill Truman

Upper Limb Anatomy

palmaris brevis This muscles main action is to flex the arm
DIP This muscle allows opposition of the thumb
flexor digitorum superficialis This muscle stabilises the skin of the palm for gripping and helps with handwriting
lunate This muscle which adbucts the arm and has three fibres
PIP The smaller of the muscles which elevate and retract the scapula
plexus A joint which joins the clavical and acromion
flexor carpi ulnaris This muscles main action is to extend the arm
myotome An acronym for distal interphalangeal joint
flexor pollicis longus This muscle allows the middle phalanx of each finger to bend/flex
tendon this muscle allows extension and abduction of the little finger (digit 5)
dorsal interossei One of the three elbow joints starting with H
palmar interossei An acronym for proximal interphalangeal joint
deltoid This muscle inserts at the base of the first metacarpal (base of thumb)
flexor carpi radialis A carpal bone starting with L
MCP This muscle pronates the forearm
biceps brachii An area of skin innervated by a single dorsal nerve root
humeroradial joint the group of skeletal Muscles innervated by a particular spinal nerve are collectively known as this.
triceps brachii This muscle allows flexion and radial deviation of the hand
levator scapulae This muscle allows flexion of the distal phalanx of the thumb
rhomboideus minor This muscle elevates the scapula
extensor digiti minimi The main spinal nerve that innervates the wrist
dermatome Brachial P.........
extensor indicis This muscle allows the hand to move into ulnar deviation and flexion
extensor carpi ulnaris Joins bone to muscle
abductor pollicis longus A great acronym for this muscle is DAB (abduction)
pronator teres This muscle supinates the forearm
acromioclavicular joint An acronym for metacarpalphalangeal joint
supinator A great acronym for this muscle is PADD (adduction)
ligament Joins bone to bone
C6 This muscle allows the hand to move into ulnar deviation and extension
opponens pollicis This muscle extends the index finger

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