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urinary elimination


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pyuria antiparkinson drug, brown or black urin
autonomicbladder term used when patient who's bladders is no longer controlled by the brain because of injury or disease can only void by relfex.
kegelexercises painful or difficulty urination
increasedfrequency occurs when there is an involuntary loss of urine related to an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. occurs during: coughing, sneezing, and laughing.
nocturia contaneous urinary diversion. surgical resection of the small intestine, with transplantation of the ureters to the isolated segment of the small bowel.
levodopa continuous and unpredictable loss of urine.
urinaryretention involuntary loss of urin is associated with overdistention and overflow of the bladder.
urgeincontinence slit-like opening below the clitoris and above the vaginal orifice. where catheter is inserted in females.
functionalincontinence intentional or involuntary urination into bed or clothes that occcurs after an age when continence should be present. estimated to occur in 40% of 3year olds. not seen as a medical problem until age 6
normalvoidinghabits process of emptying the bladder
bladdertone maintaining ______ ________ ______ can be done by fallowing a schedule, providing privacy, positioning them comfortably, helping with hygiene.
specificgravity decreased bladder muscle tone may reduce the capacity of the bladder to hold urin, resulting in _____________ of urination
oliguria appears suddenly and last for 6 months or less. it is usually caused by treatably factors such as confusion, acute illness, infection, or medicaation
hematuria capable of causing kidney damage. abuse of analgesics(advil), and some antibiotics such as gentamicin can cause this.
externalcondomcatheter people with urinary catheters lose ______ because the bladder muscle is not being stretched by the bladder filling with urine
urinarytractinfection pelvic floor muscle training. targets the inner muscles that lie under and support the bladder.
urinaryincontinence bedpan, urinal, fracture pan, specimen hat,specimen cup, callibrated measuring device,urinary collection bag for indwelling catheter, disposable plastic urine bag for infants.
suprapubiccatheter blood in the urine.
diuretics pus in the urine, urine appears cloudy
transientincontinence turns urin green or blue green
glycosuria lightens the color of urin to pale yellow
ilealconduit used for long term continuous drainage. is surgically inserted through a small incision above the pubic area.
nephrotoxic position in which you put female patient in for catheter insertion
urethralorifice experience emptying of the bladder without the sensation of the need to void.
bacteriuria 24 hour urin output is less that 50 mL. cause of complete kidney shutdown, or renal failure
totalincontinence protien in the urine. indicates kidney disease.
dysuria any involuntary loss of urin that causes a problem. is treatable.
overflowincontinence stoppage of urine production, normally the adult kidneys produce urine continuously at the rate of 60-120 mL/h
suppression delay or difficulty in initiating voiding.
sims loss of urine soon after feeling an urgent need to void.feel loss of urine before getting to the toilet.
polyuria people who habitually urinate infrequently develope more of these than those who urinate ever 3-4 hours. indicated by burning sensation when voiding, dysuria, urinary frequency or urgency, or cloudy urin with foul odor.
anuria lead to an increase urin output
proteinuria urine loss caused by inability to reach the toilet because of enviromental barriers, physical limitations, loss of memory, or disorientation.
urinecollectiondevices soft pliable sheath made of silicone material is applied externally to the penis.
stessincontinence measure of the concentration of dissolved solids in the urine. the normal range is 1.015 to 1.025
enuresis presence of sugar in the urine
diabetes asymptomatic condition in which bacteria is present in urine.
reflecincontinence deminished ability of the kidneys to concintrate urine may result in...
antidepressant occurs when urin is produced normally but is not excreted completely from the bladder. factors associated with this are meds, enlarged prostate, or vaginal polapse
micturition scanty or greatly deminished amount of urine voided in a given time. 24 hour urine output is less than 400mL
hesitancy the norm. is about 6.0 with a range of 4.6-8. tells the acidity of the urine.
pH excessive output of urine

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