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Urinary Review

Michael Faraci, RN

This crossword puzzle will help students review material from anatomy and physiology and N193 and apply it to new theory in N196

cortex This arteriole delivers blood to the nephron
renalartery Cup-like structure that collects urine at the end of each papilla
thirty First process in urine formation
calyx Supplies blood to the kidney
erythropoietin Hormone that increaseskidney reabsorption of Na and H2O, restoring BP, blood volume and Na levels
kidneys Tube that eliminates urine from the body
renal capsule Outer fibrous tissue of kidney
glomerularfiltration This hormone increases membrane permeability to water and enhances water reabsorption.
efferent These organs filter waste products for elimination
ADH This arteriole takes blood away from the glomerulus
renin Series of specialized capillary loops that filter water and waste products from blood to make urine
glomerulus "Working" unit of the kidney, where urine is actuall formed from blood
afferent The kidney is the second line of defene for the body's acid/base __________?
aldosterone Area in which the renal artery and nerve plexus enter and the renal vein and ureter exit
tubularsecretion This hormone triggers RBC production in the bone marrow
reabsorbed As the filtrate passes through the tubular parts of the nephron, most of the water and electrolytes are ______________.
urethra This process allows substances such as K and H to move from the blood to urine to maintain pH
balance Muscular sac that temporarily stores urine until voided
nephron Normal urine output is _______ cc's per/hour.
ureters Hollow tubes that connect the kidneys to the urinary bladder
hilum This hormone promotes the reabsorption of sodium
bladder Hormone that is produced by the kindey that regulates blood flow, glomerular filtration rate and blood pressure
aldosterone Outer tissue layer

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