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Urinary System

Chapter 21

Commonly used drugs for the Urinary system. Brand/Generic.

Dyazide oxybutynin
Demadex amiloride with hydrochlorothiazide
Moduretic triamterene
Diuril darifenacin
Midamor potassium chloride
Epogen epoetin alfa
K-Lyte DS mannitol
Enablex bumetanide
Bumex phenazopyridine
Diamox fosfomycin
Detrol torsemide
Macrobid tolterodine
Aldactone flavoxate
Osmitrol triamterene with hydrochlorothiazide
Feosol hydrochlorothiazide
Zaroxolyn cinoxacin
Sanctura furosemide
Lozol chlorothiazide
Aldactazide ferrous sulfate
Dyrenium acetazolamide
Monurol spirnolactone with hydrochlorothiazide
Hygroton nitrofurantoin
Cinobac spirnolactone
Pyridium chlorothalidone
Ditropan amiloride
Esidrix trospium chloride
Lasix indapamide
K-Dur metolazone
Urispas potassium bicarbonate/potassium citrate

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