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Exam 2 review


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fasciitis a thickening or hardening of skin
rice the muscles responsible for this action are located on the lateral side of the leg and ankle
eversion tendonitis is a result of this to a body part
anterior a stress fracture to a metatarsal is known as this
flat the weight bearing bone of the lower leg
phalanges outermost layer of skin
march this is an injury to a ligament
epidermis a fracture to the 5th metatarsal is called this
calcaneus bones between the phalanges and tarsals
hinge this is an injury to a tendon
hotspot the muscles for plantarflexion are located on this aspect of the leg
blister the lateral bone of the lower leg
contusion ______________ toenail
callous acronym for initial treatment of injuries
overuse the "heel bone"
sprain this type of ankle sprain injures ligaments on the medial side of the ankle
posterior plantar ____________ or an "arch sprain"
dislocation the bones of the toes
ingrown the scapula is an example of this type of bone
stress this could occur before a blister is seen
greenstick this connects bone to bone
puncture a fracture that breaks only part of the way through the bone
ligament this type of ankle sprain accounts for 90% of all ankle sprains
muscles the vertebrae are examples of these types of bones
metatarsals these help maintain normal posture
tendon an injury from scrapping off a layer of skin
abrasion each muscle has this around it
fascia one way to prevent blisters
three this connects muscle to bone
tibia this injury occurs when a pointed object enters a body part
fibula this type of joint moves back and forth
inversion this fracture results from a repetitive force
jones the number of ligaments on the lateral side of the ankle
vasoline when the bones of a joint are displaced and no longer in alignment
eversion this injury is caused by friction or rubbing
irregular commonly called a bruise
strain the muscles for dorsiflexion are located on this aspect of the leg

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