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Human Reproduction Sections I


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precociouspuberty a woman's fertile period can last this many days
puberty hormone produced by the ovaries
gametes during in vitro fertilization egg and sperm are combined ________ the body
head only males have these endocrine glands
aggression number of chromosomes in a gamete
outside germ line cells are stem cells that can develop into these
infection this gland produces FSH
egg genetic material is located in this part of the sperm
hormone these drugs can cause testicles to shrink
steroids female infertility can be due to an untreated ________
recessive going through this process allows people to reproduce
cocaine precocious puberty in boys is usually caused by this type of problem
sperm precocious puberty in boys can cause this
sex this gland produces GnRH
meiosis the male gamete
hormones a part of the sperm that contains enzymes to break through the egg wall
testosterone a chemical messenger
seven inbreeding leads to increased expression of these types of traits
uterus one possible cause of delayed puberty
medical release of the endometrium
menstruation the process by which germ line stem cells replicate
asexual only females have these endocrine glands
mitosis early puberty may be called this
pituitary use of this drug can decrease sperm count
testes during artificial insemination semen may be placed in this
progesterone the female gamete
acrosome the process by which most body cells replicate
hypothalamus the Tanner scale describes primary and secondary _____ characteristics
estrogen release of a mature egg from the ovary
ovulation this hormone helps the female body maintain pregnancy
twentysix hormone produced by the testes
ovaries this type of reproduction leads to limited genetic diversity
chronicillness the presence of these in our foods may contribute to precocious puberty

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