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Walking Works Wonders!


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steps one of these keeps the doctor away, and is a healthy snack
running a way to get from here to there
two thousand like walking, but a little faster
five number that a pedometer displays
walk a place to walk safely, off of the street
crosswalk the number of fruits and vegetables to eat each day
vegetable a device that counts your steps
pet an area for people to safely cross the street
five ten thousand steps equals about how many miles?
pedometer a type of food that is healthiest in a dark green color
apple one mile of walking equals how many steps? (two words)
sidewalk worn on your feet, they protect them while walking and playing
track a time at school to play and be active
recess take this friend for a walk and get a workout for yourself, too
calories a nice place to walk, usually around a football field
shoes when you are active, you burn these for energy

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