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When death comes

Anne L. Moore

This puzzle has been designed to get people thinking about what they will do when death presents it's self.

theropy when death occurs some people find themselves feeling
family where can one find answers to their -- about death?
depression creating a will can help eliminate leaving -- obligation to family membbers after one passes.
options we have all been granted-- and should live it to it's fullest.
euthanasia ianother way to prepare fore the issues related to death, loss, and grieving.
pain many culture, and religions performe -- to honor the dead.
social-support there is lot's of -- published in the efforts to help answer questions about seath and dying.
music people are often -- about what to do after a loved one dies.
teachable-moments an emotion commonly associated with death.
education watching a loved one who is -- can be very stressful.
life their are many community groups that provide--.
nurses parents and children can learn about death during--.
grief lot's of people experience -- after the loss of a loved one
alone make it your business to know what your -- are before death come.
stress something put on a body before it is shown, and buried.
awareness members can provide emotional support.
questions provide support out side the home.
impact a death ritual could also be considered a -- .
loss it is important to find appropriate ways to discuss death with--
clothing being -- can help people be better prepared for death
suffering is a facility that focuses on end of life care, and is know for providing good pain managment.
religion an entertaining expression of views feelings, and can be healing as well/
friends is an intentional hastening of human life.
death it is very important to pay attention to signs of -- related to death, and deal with them.
financial skills needed to overcome grief and loss of a loved one.
literature people often feel great-- when someone dies.
tradition most terminally ill people are in a lot of?
confused an event that we will all encounter.
sadness can be very helpful when trying to figure out how to cope with grief.
art in what ways migt death -- your life?
coping a feeling associated with death.
directive people often turn to their -- to find answers, support, and comfort in times of grief.
rituals a way of expressing ones feelings about death.
Hopice-care a heathcare -- is a legal document that informs others of your wishes reguarding heathcare.
children spend a lot of time with dying people who are in the hospital, and can also be a resource for the family.

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