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WIC Breastfeeding Exercise

Janice Patterson, RN, BSN

Use this crossword puzzle to determine what you know about the art and benefits of breastfeeding.

stools When you hear your baby doing this during nursing, it is a good indication they are getting milk
nipple To begin breastfeeding again after stopping for a period of time.
mastitis Inflamation of the breast, mother may have a fever.
tandum Signs of hunger are obvious before a baby does this.
cracked Breastfeeding will save a lot of this.
yellow Leaf of this plant can help with breast engorgement.
doctor Can happen to mother's breast on the third to fifth day after delivery.
increase This can reduce clogged milk ducts
freezer Tea bags can help sore____________
cup Most common breastfeeding position
reduce Some oral contraceptives can do this to a mother's supply of milk.
one To increase breast milk supply you should _________ frequency of nursing.
clogged Color of stool for breastfed babies
pump Mothers who work outside the home may need this
cradle When a baby moves its head around in search of the breast
nipples Infants should be breastfed until this age.
engorgement Offering a bottle to newborns can cause this type of confusion
cabbage Improper positioning/latch of infant to breast can result in _______ nipples.
shower Nursing an older child AND a newborn child
money A red, sore lump in the breast may indicate a _____ milk duct.
swallowing Breastfeeding mothers should check with this person before taking medications.
shield Breastfed babies have more of these
colostrum Some mothers find taking a warm one of these helps start their milk flowing.
rooting Premature babies may receive this feeding method in NICU
cries Can help babies latch-on when mother has inverted nipples
relactate Extra breast milk can be stored for six weeks in this
massage Your baby's first meal
IQ Research shows breast fed babies have higher ____

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