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Basic X-Ray Crossword

Tracie Speth

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xraytube lead ______ are used to prevent exposure to radiation
frequency 270, 180, 90 degrees are different examples of ______ angles
Bremsstrahlung _______ is a device used to measure resolution
gonadal a _____ is a portable fluoroscopic device
shields classification of cells: somatic and _______
run mag factor equals SID/ ______
Absorption an increase of mA or time results in a ______ increase of dose
horn complete annihilation of x-ray in matter is ______
slipring a _______ is used to reduce the production of scatter
carm atomic element "Rh"
Rhodium ______ prevent scattered radiation from reaching the image receptor
SOD an ________ converts electrical energy into electromagnetic radiation
filters 1/time equals _______
collimator density, contrast and distortion are all factors that affect the ______ of an image
filament ______are used to attenuate the x-ray beam
grids RSTI's tech support group
linepairphantom breaking or white radiation is also known as ________
quality 9600 rpm is considered ______speed
high develop, fix, ______ and dry are the steps in flim processing
sharpness how do you get power into the rotating plate on a CT
proportional tube current is predicted by the _______ current in standby
wash focal spot size affects the ______ of an x-ray

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