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1781 ~ 1850

James Lee

Write the specific event characterized by the given clue.

sedition _____ Democracy focused on the success of all working class citizens.
HenryClay The Founding Fathers' fear of the Great Unwashed can most directly be revealed in the "_____ and Powers" Compromise.
ArticlesofConfederation Demonstrated the U.S.'s strength as an independent nation deserving international respect.
manifestdestiny "No, no, not a sixpence!" or "Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute."
economic American ______ during conflicts in Europe in 1793 resulted from beneficial relations with both nations that could not be sabotaged.
AndrewHamilton President who used his powers to set a precedent for presidents to reserve total authority to remove leaders from office and reject Congressional proposals.
neutrality This belief advocated territorial expansion.
utopian The mormons and the Oneida Community are all examples of ______ experiments.
MonroeDoctrine Formed govt. that lacked the power to coin money.
jacksonian Tariff of 1816, a second national bank, and the establishment of railroads were all part of the ______.
southernsecession The Compromise of 1850 most importantly provided a 10 year respite before ______.
XYZAffair ______'s economic policy was the driving force behind the creation of political parties.
PresidentialOffice The acts passed under Adams's administration which provided for fines or imprisonment for individuals who criticized the government, Congress or president in speech or print, are the Alien and ______ Acts.
GeorgeWashington The Revolutionary War was for political independence from England, whereas the War of 1812 was a war for ______ independence.
Americansystem Major contributor of the Compromise of 1850.
JamesMadison Took exquisite notes detailing the discussions held during the Constitutional Convention.

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