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Dan Korn

Early U.S. history people, places, things,

tecumseh Her nickname was "Janey."
jamesmadison What Washington made in his "Still."
brownbess This treaty got the British out of the Ohio valley.
tippeecanoe As president, I liked to dine alone.
thomasjefferson Washington "secretary"
whiskey My teeth were actually made from a pig's.
pinckney Treaty with the Spanish over Florida.
Constitution Jean Lafitte and his men were these.
horseshoebend "Old Ironsides" real name.
sacajawea What Anthony Wayne was considered to be.
andrewjackson This U.S. diplomat had a staring match with King George III.
washington Dolley Madison saved this thing of Washington.
tomahawk Treaty with the Spanish regarding the Mississippi
mad "Prophet's" loss. To turn over the boat.
hamilton He was known as "Little Jemmie."
adamonis Hero of the battle of Lake Erie.
fortmchenry The "Eye of the Panther's" Indian name.
johnquincyadams Indians Jackson defeated the Creek Nation in this Alabama battle.
perry What the "Prophet' predicted would happen in the sky.
johnadams British soldier's weapon/gun is nicknamed this.
tariff I really wrote the "Monroe Doctrine."
portrait Hero of the Battle of New Orleans.
pirates Tecumseh used it as a weapon and as a pipe.
blacksun Import taxes.
jay Baltimore harbor fort where the flag still flew.

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