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Tobe Buffenbarger

No description

hughes limit of immigration
smith boxing star
bolsheviks tennis hero
harlem famous female aviator
birth of a nation movie comedian
scare radical immigrant who was executed
klux White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants (abbr.)
ohio "The Sultan of Swat"
ghetto section of NYC
hollywood __ faire
speakeasy The Jazz __
singer oil scandal under President Harding
linbergh center of movie industry
wasp The Red __
sacco teacher convicted of teaching evolution
black tuesday target of the Ku Klux Klan
sunday President Harding's Secretary of the Interior
jolson The Jazz Singer
vanzetti nickname of the 1920s
ruth period of banned alcohol
prohibition communists
tilden "The Galloping Ghost"
teapot dome organized the Universal Negro Improvement Association
fall first to fly solo across the Atlantic
jones brithplace of jazz
ford first motion picture
charleston Ku __ Klan
dempsey writer of the Harlem Renaissance
roaring democratic candidate in 1928 election
al a foreign revolutionary
boycott home state of President Harding
quota radical immigrant who was executed
capone The Spirit of __ __
scopes a refusal to buy or use
new orleans musician of the Harlem Renaissance
chaplin illegal tavern
earhart nickname of the day of the Stock Market Crash
immigrants builder of the Model T
grange __ Smith
armstrong gangster
radical dance
garvey good, run-down neighborhood
st louis golf star
laissez evangelist

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