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Crazy Year

Venice Wong

The 1920s

Louis Armstrong Heavyweight Boxer; Promoters Gained over $2,000,000 from Ballyhoo Matches
Jack Dempsey Plane Flown By Charles Lindbergh; 1st Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight
Cats Pajamas Mob Boss; Controlled Large-scale Gambling and Bootlegging
Prohibition Trumpeter; Amazing Jass Musician
Giggle Water Period of Achievement by African American Artists
Babe Ruth Women Who Shocked Former Generations by Adopting New Styles;Educated and Brought Up Similarily to Men
Harlem Renaissance Disappointed of Materialism; Voiced Social Discontent in Novels
Yiddish Theater Alcohol
Scopes Trial Baseball Star; Known for Home Run Records
Speakeasies Password Bar
Ida B. Wells-Barnett New Dance Style; Conservational; Associated with Flappers
Charleston Cool
Mason-Dixon Line "Provisional President of Africa"; Wnated to re-colonize with African Americans
Marcus Gravery Religion vs evolution trial over teaching of darwinism
Charlie Chaplin Theater of Combined Language of Eastern European Jews
Sinclair Lewis Legal Ban of Alcohol
Flappers Slogan; One of Gravery's Ideas
Al Capone Women's Right To Vote
Bootlegging Smuggled Prohibited Goods
Spirit of St. Louis 1920s Version of Yellow Journalism; Media Hype
Black Is Beautiful Successful, Popular, Smart; Name from Hair Style
Ballyhoo Established Anti-Lynching Organization; Crusaded Against Lynching
Suffrage Boundary Line between North and South, Pennsylvania and Maryland
Materialism Actor; Known for Little Tramp
Slicker One's Pursuit of Money And poessessions

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