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Flapper _______ is the exiting of involvement in world affairs.
Speculation Secretary of state that urged no more warships built for ten years.
Speakeasies Racism towards foreign people.
Credit The result of workers being able to live miles away from their jobs.
GeorgeGershwin ________ wrote peoms about youth and freedom.
HarlemRenaissance Raised taxes on US imports to its highest level ever.
EdwardKennedyEllington Painter that used bright colors on canvas.
Anarchists The period of time when the manufacture, sales and transportation of alcohol was illegal.
InstallmentPlan A disagreement over evolution and the role of science and religion in public schools.
ZoraNealeHurston The top employment of women in the 1920s.
SaccoandVanzetti An immigrant from Jamaica that beleived that African-Americans should build a seperate society.
CalvinCoolidge Joined a jazz band known as Creole Jazz Band.
QuotaSystem _______ became president in 1921.
GeorgiaO'Keeffe _______ was the leader that fought to protect African-American rights
LangstonHughes People who repelled any type of government.
Communism Women in the twenties that embraced the new styles and urban attitude.
JohnLLewis _______ were arrested and charged with robbery and murder in May 1920.
ErnestHemingway A black woman who wanted greater things.
OhioGang _______ led a ten-peice orchestra at the Cotton Club.
AlbertB.Fall _______ was the Secretary of the Interior.
UrbanSprawl _______ is the president's friends.
ClarenceDarrow _______ performed in Shakesspeare's: Othello
DoubleStandard Made the first solo flight across the Atlantic.
LouisArmstrong An economic and political system ruled by dictatorship.
PaulRobeson A concert music composer that merged traditional elements with American Jazz.
Bootleggers ________ came up with the term
Fordney-McCumberFariff ________ were people that carried alcohol in the legs of their boots.
Isolationism A well known Missouri-born peot that was very popular in the 1920s.
WarrenG.Harding Underground or hidden nightclubs where people spoke quietly so they wouldn't get caught by the authorities.
CharlesA.Lindbergh This plan allowed people to buy goods over a long period of time.
MarcusGarvey ________ became president in 1923.
Fundamentalism The leader of the United Mine Workers of America.
JamesWeldonJohnson An agreement to buy things and pay for them later.
BessieSmith This woman was a blues singer became the best vocalist of the time.
CharlesEvansHughes This man wrote the book: The Sun Also Rises
Prohibition A movement celebrating African-American culture.
Domestic Set of rules granting greater sexual freedom to men than women.
ScopesTrial The system stating the maximum number of people that could come from each country,
F.ScottFitzgerald A famous lawyer that defended John T. Scopes.
EdnaSt.VincentMillay When you buy stock and bonds with chances of fast profit, but don't care about the risks.
Nativism A protestant movement that was a nonsymbolic interpretation of the bible.
DowJonesIndustrialAverage The biggest barometer of the stock market's health.

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