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France, Austria, and Russia: Age of Absolutism

T. Storm

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Eastern Orthodox moved the capital of France from Paris to Versailles
Saint Petersburg title of Frederick William, the first great Hohenzollern ruler
Treaty of Westphalia ugly and insane this czar was murdered on his wife's orders
intendants Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, mother of Marie Antoinette
balance of power the religion of Russia
Great Elector document created by HRE Charles VI so that his daughter could inherit the Hapsburg lands
War of the Spanish Successsion it's called the French and Indian War in the North American colonies
Peter the Great this czar strangled his own son and probably his wife too
partition made the Netherlands and Switzerland independent countries, strenghtened France
Pragmatic Sanction performance of government service and loyalty to the Czar were demanded
Henry IV tried to Westernize Russia but was not very successful
Peter III this said that Spain and France could never be united as one country
Catherine the Great weakened the Holy Roman Empire and the Hapsburgs
Frederick the Great an area in what is today northern Germany
Edict of Nantes caused France to lose its North American colonies to England
Louis XIV fought with Maria Theresa over the area called Silesia
Jean-Baptiste Colbert the alphabet system used for writing Russian
Prussia Russian for "caesar"
czar joined the Catholic church so he could be the king of France
Treaty of Utrecht having no land on any gulf, sea, or ocean
Diplomatic Revolution the belief that god picked kings to rule people
service nobility capital city of Russia after Moscow, Russia's "window on the west"
rivals the countries of Europe switch their allies after the War of the Austrian Succession
divine right his large and powerful family ruled Russia for over 300 years
Frederick William I ruler who doubled the size of the Prussian army and made it the best army in Europe
landlocked this person's greatest contributions to Russia were in foreign policy and winning land from the Turks
serf made the king the supreme authority and power in France
Thirty Years' War commoners who represented the French king in different regions
Cyrillic finance expert, encouraged industry and trade in France
Maria Theresa to divide an area into sections
Seven Years' War when countries become allies so that no one country has more strength
Michael Romanov this gave Huguenots freedom of worship - but not in Paris
Ivan the Terrible enemies
Cardinal Richelieu peasants who are bound to the land - gone from Europe except for Russia

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