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Colonization of Africa

Shari Baldock

Uses terms from the textbook related to the Colonization of Africa

Suez Dutch settlers in South Africa
Toure Reporter who found Livingstone
Buganda The Boers' journey into African interior
protectorate Englishman who became rich from diamonds
Boers Ethiopian Ruler
diamonds French colony in North Africa
Algeria Country whose foreign policy is controlled by an outside government
cashcrops Establishment of colonies
kimberley Canal that links Med. and Red Seas
MenelikII Explorer of African interior
Stanley Crops raised for export
condominium Main commodity of South Africa
GreatTrek The ruler of the Mandingo Empire
colonization African Kingdom on shores of Lake Victoria
Livingstone Location of diamond mine in S.A.
zulus Warrior people of South Africa
Rhodes A country ruled jointly by two other countries

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