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Early Civilizations of Africa

Jeremy Rambarran

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Lalibela term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the mother
Benin extra or excess
outpost means "where the king dwells"
Mali title for the king of Mali
polytheistic the biggest desert in Africa
slash-and-burn agriculture distant military stations
mansa The ancient kingdom of Nubia was also known as
commodity he made a pilgrimmage to Mecca
Kush a new language fused with many Arabic words
Askia Muhammed grassy plains
Bantu south of savanna
patrilineal group claiming a common ancestor
oba the root language of West Africa
lineage process by which fertile or semidesert land becomes desert
griot belief in many Gods and Goddesses
matrilineal title for the king of Benin
savanna professional storyteller in early West africa
Swahili emerged as the capital of Songhai
Kumbi Saleh family unit consisting of parents and children
Gao term for a family organization in which kinship ties are traced through the father
Sahara the capital of Ghana
surplus valuable product
nuclear family Christian monks built a number of remarkable churches under the reign of this king
desertification farming method in which forest and brush are cut down and burned to create planting fields

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