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All About Adolf

H. History

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Concentration Camps The German Air Force
England Hitler eliminated this other political party in 1933
France Hitler's political party
Mussolini The third German empire that Hitler believed in. It would last a thousand years.
Axis Powers The German Parliament
Germany The man in charge of the Axis Powers's government and army
Stalin The paper signed by Chamberlain and Hitler that declared "peace in our time"
Eva Braun The primary obstacle, in Hitler's opinion, standing in the way of Germany's glorious achievements
Nazi The woman that Hitler married before he killed himself
Lebensraum A country that declared war on Germany in September of 1939
Jewish Hitler took control of this in addition to the government
Chancellor A country that Hitler despised, yet signed a non- aggression pact with
Soviet Union A country that declared war on Germany in September of 1939
Blitzkrieg Hitler set these up for political enemies and eventually many people
Adolf Hitler The country that Hitler lived in
Reichstag These people were persecuted heavily by Hitler
Luftwaffe A section of Czechoslovakia that Hitler recieved in 1938
Army The Soviet leader during WWII
Third Reich Literally means "lightning war". What the German army used to capture the western half of Poland
Czechoslovakia Blonde, blue- eyed people that Hitler believed was the "master race"
Mein Kampf The country that Hitler took over in March of 1939
Munich Pact Hitler's role model
Jews A group of countries during WWII consisting of Germany, Italy, and Japan
Communists What Hitler declares that Germany needs- means living space
Aryans What Hitler was made when his political party became the majority party in Germany (1933)
Sudetenland The book that Hitler wrote while in prison (German words)

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