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America, Land I Love Review 1

Sara Hargis

Review of Chapter 1

Renaissance The first permanent French settlement in the New World
Ferdinand Magellen Queen of England at time of Spanish Armada
Montezuma Attacked Spanish ships and took their gold and silver
Amerigo Vaspucci First permanent European settlement in the United States
Phillip II Land Christopher Columbus discoverd
Leif Ericson Discovered the New World
Jacques Cartier Great Spanish fleet of ships which fought in the English Channel
Martin Luther Nailed the Ninety-five Theses to the church door
Northwest Passage The first European settlement in California
Middle Class Claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France
Huguenots Conquered the Aztec Indians
Marco Polo Revived European interest in trade with the East
Protestant Reformation First European to travel length of Asia
Elizabeth I A supposed water route through North America to the Pacific
Ferdinand and Isabella Best known city of French heritage in America
New France From whom America received her name
Vasco de Balboa Term which means "Rebirth" which emphasized abilities of man and ignored God
Christopher Columbus Movement began in 1517 which brought a revival of Biblical Christanity
Ponce de Leon A Scandinavian who first landed in North America
New Orleans Discovered the Pacific Ocean
Robert Cavelier de la Salle Sought the Fountain of Youth and made the first Spanish landing in North America
Crusades Conquered the Inca Indians of Peru
St Augustine Powerful chieftain of the Aztec's
Juan Cabrillo Spanish king and queen who sponsered expedition to New World
San Diego Canada, the Great Lakes region, and the Mississippi Valley claimed by the French
Invincible Armada Established Quebec Canada and is the "Father of New France"
Hernando Cortes Founded a navigation school
San Salvador Son of Charles V and dedicated power of Spain to defeat Protestantism
Conquistadors Journey to sail around the world and proved the earth was round
Samuel de Champlain Discovered the St. Lawerence River
Francisco Coronado Introduced the movable-type printing press
Santa Fe Discovered the Missipssippi
Sir Francis Drake "Conquerors"
Hernando de Soto Merchants and traders
Prince Henry the Navigator Explored California and opened it to Spanish settlement
Quebec French Protestants who came to the New World to escape religious persecution
Johann Gutenberg Served as the capital of the Spanish colonies in the American Southwest

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