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Ancient Roman Crossword Puzzle

Tess Cottom

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Coins The place across the Forum where Rome's grandest temples stood
Punic Wars Bronze tables that Rome's first written laws were on
Plebeians Twin brothers that founded the city of Rome
Romulus and Remus The part of Rome's government that served a lifetime and advised Consuls
Gracchus A group of people who took over Rome in 387 BC, and left after being paid
Civic Duty The way Romans paid for goods that were traded with them
Gauls The two most powerful magistrates in Rome
Twelve Tables A Roman dictator who defeated the city's enemies, and then returned to farming
Forum After the Punic wars, Rome controlled most of the western ___ region
Capitoline Hill Rome's public meeting place
Spartacus Methods to balance power
Cincinnatus Groups of up to 6,000 soldiers
Sulla The animals Hannibal used to attack Rome
Senate A series of wars against Carthage, a city in northern Africa
Checks and Balances Last name of the two brothers who tried create farms for poor Romans
Legions The reason people participated in the government is because they felt it was their ___
Consuls A consul who tried to get poor people to join the army
War Elephants Last name of the consul in 88 BC who came into conflict with Marius and started a civil war
Gaius Marius Common people
Mediterranean A former gladiator who let thousands of slaves to demand freedom

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