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Andrew Jackson

Mr. Wheeler

The Presidency of Andrew Jackson.Creating America 353-371

Jackson Giving government jobs to political backers.
Abominations Former military leader from Tennessee elected President in 1828.
JQAdams Jackson's Vice President who believed in the doctrine of nullification.
Biddle President of the Second Bank of the United States.
SpoilsSystem Senator from Massachusetts and the most powerful speaker of his time. Opposed nullification.
JacsonianDemocracy A severe economic slump.
Nullification Rise in prices.
Sequoya The Great Compromiser.
OldTippecanoe The harsh journey of the Cherokee from their homeland to Indian Territory.
Depression Withdrawal from the Union.
Seminole The idea of spreading political power to all the people and ensuring majority rule.
Inflation The idea that states have the right to nullify, or reject, a law that comes from the federal government.
TrailOfTears Nickname of President William Henry Harrison.
Clay President after Jackson.
Secession The Tariff of ____________ was passed in 1828.
Webster Monroe's secretary of state who became the sixth president after a "corrupt bargain" with Henry Clay in 1824.(Give first two initials then last name.)
Calhoun Developed an alphabet for the Cherokees.
IndianRemovalAct Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled that only the federal government, not the states, could make laws governing the Cherokees.
Marshall Native American tribe that hid in the Everglades in Florida.
VanBuren Required Native Americans to relocate west.

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